Friday, May 4, 2012

Things I Love About Honduras

The way people say “Adios” to you instead of “Hola” when you encounter them on the street. I mean makes more sense right? We are parting ways!

The rain. The sound of it on the tin roof and the way it downpours suddenly. Now that I have lived through dry season, I have come to appreciate the rain at a whole new level.

The views of  the mountains and the dirt roads (especially in the morning when the fog rolls in) when I’m running and walking.
With my roomie Flor
 The 80s music that they blast on the buses. They even have a Spanish version of Titanic’s “My Heart Will Go On”. Awesome.

The way I can just “be” and be fine with it.

The sights of the moto-taxis zipping through town and the shouts of “Hola” or the beep of their horn that usually signify their arrival.
The mototaxis that are common sight here (and without a doubt they will head straight toward you until they veer off at the last second)

 Reading in the morning on the hammock before breakfast on our apartment balcony with a cup of tea/coffee and/or my trusty Nalgene!

The kids from the library. I love walking through town and hearing them yell my name from their houses. I’m already sad about saying bye to them.
With Seidy, Indira, and Luis in the library
 The carefreeness of riding in the back of the pick-up trucks with the views of the green mountains that go on forever.

Knowing that no matter what, I can always count that the doctors who live in the clinic will be watching TV in the comedor.

The fact that I can hang up my laundry in the sun and my sheets are dry in twenty minutes.

People watching in the plaza.

Maria. The cook here at the clinic. She is so motherly and caring and strong. I will miss her!

Maria’s daughters, Cindy, Jori, and Marisela and our weekly Sunday play dates. 
Marisela (aka Marisposa) , Cindy (Cindy Lou-Quien) and Jori (Eureka)

Photo shoot with the girls
I'm a little obsessed!
 Balleadas and pupusas, enough said. Really,  just the  Marias’ cooking in general!

The view from our apartment balcony. It’s a perfect view of the town and the mountains behind it.

Feeling part of something bigger and more meaningful than just myself. Working for a cause I believe in and despite the difficulties and the opposition and the pace of how things move here, realizing that it’s worth it.
The Chiquita truck in front of the clinic
 I head out to San Jose on Sunday to go on the University of Rochester brigade. I’m excited for the change of scenery, the cooler climate, and the peacefulness of this community. Thinking of you all! Happy May!

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