Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Home Sweet Home

"A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it."- George Moore

Surprise! I am home! I’s a  little early, but I wanted to surprise my sister Erin on the race day of her first marathon! She did wonderful despite shedding some tears when I popped out at mile 20!
Erin's cheer squad
 My last week in Honduras was a blur. Despite my pleas for no goodbye parties, my last week was filled with 5 (yes 5) despedidas. Hondurans love their despedidas and no party is complete without some cake and pop and the immediate exit as soon as the food is consumed. Seriously, this happens at every single party…no joke.  Maria (the clinic cook and my Honduran mom), my roommates upstairs, the clinic staff, the kids in the library, and the clinic staff who lives at the apartment all threw separate parties for me. I have never had so many people do that many nice things for me! I was so thankful and was really sad to say goodbye to all those who I have come to befriend this year. The kids, the nurses, the clinic staff, and my roommates have all been a huge part of my life and it is weird not seeing them everyday.
With Maria at my first despedida (notice the cake and Pepsi)

The library kids surprised me! (Cake and Pepsi yet again!)

A few of the clinic staff, I will miss them!
         Being home has been great but a bit of an adjustment. I miss the excitement of everyday; the fact that even though I lived in the middle of nowhere, I never knew what would happen. Whether it was a drunk man chasing us through town, a pig on a leash, or a cultural difference that made me laugh, there was always the unexpected. I miss the sounds of Honduras, the dogs, the roosters, and the mototaxis whizzing through town. I miss the views and the smells and the food. However,  I could not be more grateful for this year and I know I have left a wiser person and I changed for the better by being touched by the many lives I came into contact with this year. I know it is not goodbye as I know one day I will be back! Besides with Facebook and technology, staying in touch is not that hard! (I have already gotten about ten calls from the kids in the library!). Yes sometimes it was hard being away from the amenities I am used to, working through the cultural differences, and adapting to a new way of life but it was completely worth it and I would have not changed this year and what I learned for anything. The one thing I will continually take away is those relationships, the friends I made (both North American and Honduran) and the people that I think of often as I begin this new chapter of my life in the United States. Because after all, without the people, my experience would not have been as wonderful as it was. And for that, I am thankful.

Thanks for following, for staying in touch, and for all your support. I could not have done without all of you! All my love!

~La Sopita

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