Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Life as of Lately.....

 “It’s terrible and wonderful, but it’s true: we’re all in the same boat. That’s the consolation. It’s not just me who’s scared and lonely and worried and isn’t sure how to help myself. We don’t know how to help ourselves’ but there is one thing we do know how to do. We know how to help each other.”
 Colin Beavan, No Impact Man
 I love this quote and just wanted to share it!  Soooo… today I’m not really feeling like writing too much! So I just wanted to update some pictures with a little summary of my life the past few weeks to keep everyone in the loop.

Baking pumpkin muffins (yummmm!)  in the clinic
 Things here have been pretty….slow and simple, but as it should be! Now, with the Peace Corps pulling out, we have a new travel policy and are forbidden to go anywhere out of the area on public transportation. Kind of a bummer, considering there were parts of Central America and Honduras I would have to liked to see but that’s life. The truth is that the majority of people who live here never get to leave due to limited economic resources, so I have absolutely nothing to complain about. And we will be able to travel a little still!
Sunrise hike in Santa Lucia
I have started working in the library again! It’s so great to see the kids everyday.

We went to the beach in El Salvador with a group of doctors and dentists from the clinic here. We took two trucks and put a mattress in the back of one of them and stayed at an all-inclusive resort for a night on the beach in a town called Salinitas. We ate too much, danced a lot, and enjoyed the beach and the pool, it was a great getaway in all. El Salvador has paved roads and uses US dollars, so I couldn’t complain!

My roommate and I at the resort in El Salvador

The group from the clínica at the beach

Out for the night with Amy, Flor (my dentist roommate) and Victoria (a doctor at the clinic)
 Tomorrow I leave to go pick up the University of Wyoming brigade in the capital city, Tegucigalpa. I will be with them at a little community called Agua Salada where we stay at a school and run the clinic through the church. They are currently building a clinic that should be completed by this summer. I'm excited to go back and see the people I met in November, it should be a nice change of scenery for me and will be nice to be completely away from technology for a little over a week!

The University of Wyoming clinic in Agua Salada
 I hope this finds you all well and know I am thinking about everyone at home! More to come after the brigade.

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