Wednesday, July 27, 2011

La Vida Hondureña

So in a nutshell here are some updates and random observations about life here so far!

1) I just found out that besides working with the brigades (American medical groups) who come down, I will also be helping out with the education program. We have a library here and I will be working with a Honduran named Kelvin to help with the after school programs. On Mondays, we do a story time where we play a game, read a book, and then do a craft relating to the book. Tuesday is reading club, Wednesday is life skills class for the fourteen-year-old students and Thursday is another story time usually with a faith-based theme.
2) Running alone here as a female is nearly impossible as there are a lot of hills, rocks, and dogs that chase you. It’s always an adventure (and usually one I choose not to partake in).
3) The food here is delicious! We usually have beans, tortillas, eggs, chicken and veggies in some form. The fresh fruit is amazing. The Marias (the cooks who work here) also make a killer pizza on Saturday nights!
The road in town leading to the clinic

 4) As I guessed before, nothing can really ever be planned ahead. Something will always change or come up. It’s just the Honduran way. For example, yesterday Kelvin and I expected to have 20 students present after school and we only had materials prepared for 20. Yep 31 showed up.
5) Soccer aka fútbol is huge here. School is canceled when the elementary schools play each other (and they only have a half day to begin with). Yesterday I was playing with some girls from the education program and kicked the ball over the fence…whoops. It took us about a half hour to figure out how to get it.
6) A lot of the dogs here are mean. Hondurans keep them as pets (well feed them anyway) and they guard their houses and sometimes will growl and chase after you when you walk by. I usually carry a rock with me for this reason.
7) Since being here, I have painted more than I ever have in my life, I have helped put up a counter and learned how to use an electric saw and drill (well watched others use it if you will) but needless to say I’m becoming pretty handy.
Kelvin the Education Director here reading at story hour
8). The other day we went to the river on the border of El Salvador to swim. We walked over the bridge to stand on the other side. A new country? I’d say that counts, right?
9) Cold military showers aren’t so bad especially when you are drenched in sweat from a mere twenty-minute walk into town.
10) The geckos here are soooo loud. I honestly don’t know how it’s possible that so much noise can come from such a tiny little thing.
11) Some of the executive board members came from the States and brought us a whole lunch box full of dark chocolate. It has been a lifesaver this week.
12) I rode with Kelvin on a motorcycle to two neighboring communities today to visit the schools there. Shoulder to Shoulder runs an empowerment program for girls in fifth and sixth grade at nine different schools in the region. Being the clueless gringa that I am, I wore flip flops. While we were going over hundreds of rocks up a steep hill and I’m holding on for dear life, Kelvin turns to me and refers to the road as “tranquila” meaning calm. Not exactly the word I would use.
13) This week I finally get to move into a room in the apartment upstairs and I’m so excited to get settled in somewhat. However, I leave on Friday to go get a brigade in the city and won’t be back to Santa Lucia for a week!

Miss you all! I will try to update soon!

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